We are a specialized therapy center on empowering the individual. We strengthen human development in areas such as learning, coordination, memory, achieving goals, enhance performance and self-control.

In MEGABRAIN we work individually with people of all ages. We have training for companies and schools.


Potentiate the capacity, independence and self-esteem of your loved ones. Moving your world.


Stop being an “alternative” and become THE solution through innovation in treatments and training of our staff. Becoming the leaders in learning through movement.

What is Megabrain focused on?


True learning is not just mental. It´s more than the memorization of data. Because the brain is informed by movement and senses, true learning results from highly charged and instantaneous sensorimotor events – moments of neural reorganization by which one is freed to think in new ways. From the simple act of organizing the musculature for sitting or walking to the more complex task of coordinating the eyes, ears, and hands to write, learning always involves patterns of physical activity.

These activities promote gross motor skills and fine structures involved on thinking. It is
important that people make coordination movements, because these mature the brain, and allow a greater connection between different areas of it. The exact movements are originated in the brain stem. These areas of the brain are responsible for survival. A man under stress “moves” from this area and remained in a state of survival that can´t be connected with the prefrontal cortex which is where the information is processed and analyzed and where the ability of achieving plans and decision making.


certificacion terapia de movimientos ritmicos

Our director, Ma. Augusta Franco, is the only certified instructor in Mexico City to impart Rhythmic Movement Training

certificacion brain gym

Representatives in Mexico to teach Brain Gym®


IKC Members – International Kinesiology College, to teach training courses for Touch for Health