Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi)®

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi)

These movements are crucial for laying down the foundations of neural network pathway growth and myelination in the brain. They are also important for establishing head control, muscle tone and posture, the basis of our ability to move through life with ease and choice.

Integration of the primitive reflexes important because:

  • They are the basis of our nervous system and our ability to move
  • They originate in the brain stem. This area of the brain is responsible for survival. If under stress we are still moving from here then we are not able to easily access our prefrontal cortex where we can process and analyse information.
  • Instead we stay in survival and stress.As we get older our unintegrated reflexes trigger the flight/flight response even when there is no ‘logical’ reason for the stress. So stressed behaviour becomes are pattern of responding.
  • When our movements come from active primitive reflex movement patterns then there are challenges with coordination. This can lead to reading and writing difficulties; language and speech delays; disorganisation; fidgeting; concentration etc.
  • Other challenges may be seen in poor bladder control; breathing difficulties; skin problems; and having a uncontrollable sweet tooth Low muscle tone; muscle weakness; chronic body aches; poor endurance; and fatigue.

From very early on in utero, the primitive reflex movements literally help develop the brain. The movements lay down the patterns of neural networks and myelinisation of pathways that allow the connection of the various areas of the brain that are so important later on for learning, behaviour, communication, relationships and emotional well-being.

certificacion terapia de movimientos ritmicos

Our director, Ma. Augusta Franco, is the only certified instructor in Mexico City to impart Rhythmic Movement Training

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