Snoezelen Sensory Room

Snoezelen Sensory Room

As an additional element to our therapy, we have implemented an Snoezlen space,which is based on the idea that the world is fulfilled with sensations produced by the light, sounds, odors, taste, touch, etc., and we accessed them by our sensory organs (eyes, hears, nose, mouth, skin). Memories that are movement – and sensory- based – to such specific senses as vision, hearing and touch- are more likely to be retained and retrieved. And, the more an impression is kept current in short-term working memory by sensory review and rehearsal, the more readily it can be recalled.

The Snoezelen´s space goal is to potencialize all this sensory inputs, all of us should be capable to process the world through the senses, but we know that some people might feel one or all of these sensations as unpleasant, especially for those within the Autistic Spectrum, here is where our work starts, using our integrative techniques.


  • Promote relaxation and well-being
  • Encourage exploration and creativity
  • Enhance ability to express ideas
  • Relax visual attention and thought processing
  • A longer concentration and attention span
  • Motivation to participate, leading to improved social behavior

Basically, the Snoezelen space will promote a peaceful and safe and environment, in order to work toward individual goals that are established, to develop self-confidence, encourage self-control, increase creative abilities and achieve a good communication.

The Snoezelen´s experience seems “to decrease the stress chemistry and increase the relaxation chemistry”


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